''Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE'' is a project of Musicartissimo Foundation for culture and art, which is part of the program of Plovdiv – European capital of culture 2019.

The ''Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE'' will enable the interaction between junior representatives of various cultural strata, musical schools and diverse ways of realisation that are going to have the opportunity to make the notion ‘TOGETHER’ meaningful, in a creative, progressing and progressive process.

 The integration process is included in the conception of the large-scale project.

The project is to be implemented within two years (2018–2019) 

Talented young Bulgarian musicians are going to set the foundation of this one of a kind orchestra that will undergo two phases during the above period of time:

Phase I: ''Balkan Youth Orchestra PROGRESSIVE''– 2018 with a Gala concert on July 23 in the Roman Stadium of Plovdiv

Phase II: – ''European Youth Orchestra PROGRESSIVE'' – 2019 with a Gala concert on July 24 in the Roman Stadium of Plovdiv

The ''Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE'' will hold an annual Gala concert with famous soloists and its members will be involved in numerous educational initiatives all over the year in the music field.

During the stay of the ''Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVЕ'' in Plovdiv will be held open rehearsals, music workshops and lessons of prominent pedagogues.

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